scientific visualization

Visualizing science is an integral part of my work. Illustrating scientific concepts, setups and results can greatly enhance understanding and impact.

Below is a portfolio of some of my work.

Atom-resolved STM image of a MoS2 cluster on a Au(111) surface

Different crystal structures of MoS2

Electrochemical CO reduction on a poly-crystalline copper surface

Magnetron-based cluster source with time-of-flight mass filter

Atomic model of the kagome layer in a PtxGd alloy

Models of shape-controlled alloy nanoparticles

Vision for catalytic model system research

Synthesis of mesoporous PtxNi alloy with double gyroid structure

CO2 reduction on Cu nanoparticle

Molybdenum phosphide rendered using Blender and the Atomic Simulation Environment (ASE)